Error Monitoring

Airbrake Error Monitoring provides real-time error alerts, rich contextual data about why errors are occurring, seamless integrations with your workflow, and application performance insights that enable you to quickly identify, diagnose, and fix problems - before your users get annoyed. 

Monitor Code Errors

Bask in the peace of mind that comes with Comprehensive error monitoring

Airbrake provides 24/7 monitoring of your entire app stack with real-time alerts sent straight to your inbox or integrated messaging app.


Airbrake notifiers install in minutes, are agentless and serverless, and have zero impact on your code or app performance.

Go beyond error messages to understand the context of an issue

Airbrake uses breadcrumbs, code snapshots, hotspots, and aggregations to make identifying the source of bugs easier and implementing fixes faster. Learn more about Airbrake Performance Monitoring.

Get insight about the user experience, not just error messages

Airbrake identifies how many and which users experienced a certain error so you focus on fixing the issue and minimize customer impact. 

Monitor deployments to understand trends in your code quality

With Airbrake, you can tie bugs back to releases and files to improve your development processes and overall code quality.

Never miss another error

If you have an unexpected spike in errors or a major app issue, rest assured you'll see every error regardless of plan limits with Airbrake's "On-Demand Errors" feature.

Debug Issues

Quickly identify the root cause of errors in YOUR APP

Airbrake’s stack traces show which nested functions were called prior to the failure. By learning exactly what happened before the problem occurred, you can more easily understand and debug the problem.


Airbrake Error Monitoring lets you easily review the exact path that led to an error, while integrating with the tools your team already uses like GitHub, JIRA, Slack – and many more.

zero-in on the errors you care about most USING Robust search and filter functions

Find specific types of errors, errors that occurred in a given timeframe, or errors that have specific attributes or characteristics, so you can build a solid strategy for issue triage and prioritizing fixes.

TRACE exactly what led to an error USING BREADCRUMBS

When developing in JavaScript, you’ll gain access to in-depth Breadcrumbs that help you get more context about what preceded an error. 

See how each deploy impacts your code
Zero-in on error locations

Prioritize Fixes

Understand the scope of errors and address critical issues ASAP

Airbrake's aggregations feature lets you discover patterns in your error occurrences. These patterns can help you understand the total impact of an error, how many users were affected, when the error occurred, the duration of the error, and what was happening just before the error.  

Configure error notifications and cut through the noise

Configure custom notifications so that you are alerted about critical errors instantly, and address the less significant issues on your own schedule. Custom variables let you track the attributes that your business needs.

Identify pain points in your app

Get more insights from your errors with Hotspots, a specialized dashboard view that shows you where errors are concentrated in your app. 

Integrate error triage with existing development tools

Airbrake Error Monitoring integrates with Slack, GitHub, JIRA, and other developer productivity tools, helping you build a seamless workflow for managing the defect triage process.

Use aggregations to prioritize errors
Receive daily digest emails about errors
View pain points in your app
Integrate with essential productivity tools

Track Deploys

AVOID continuous headaches FROM CI/CD

Reduce the risk of errors inherent with more frequent code iterations and pushes by linking errors to code deployments and gauging the impact of each deploy.


Airbrake Deployment Tracking lets you identify the code deployment that caused a specific issue, explore code defects at the individual deployment level, and link resolved app issues back to deployments.

reCOGNIZE which files are at risk for errors

Airbrake Code Insights give you a comprehensive look at which files have been changed the most in your deploy history, so you can stay vigilant for errors and bugs.

Discover and INTERPRET trends in overall app quality

Airbrake Error Monitoring delivers insight about your total app quality compiled from the history of your code deploys, trends in error activity, data around error rates, fix rates, and other important metrics.

Find errors in all your deploys
See which files are at risk for errors
Discover trends in your dashboard

Manage Security

REST EASY, Your Data Is Safe with Us

Airbrake is the only error-monitoring software that provides SOC 2 Type II Protection, along with several other security certifications. Data in transit between customers and Airbrake is sent securely via TLS to an HTTPS endpoint, which currently supports TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3.

YOU Decide What Data Airbrake Receives

Block sensitive data from leaving your app. All libraries come with configurable filters that give you full power over what data you send to Airbrake.


Airbrake is SAML Single Sign-On compliant and, regardless of your plan level, you can link your GitHub, Okta, and One Login account, and use secure, two-factor authentication to protect your account from unauthorized access.

Protect Personal Data Involving Transatlantic Commerce 

Airbrake complies with international security programs, including the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and GDPR. 

Airbrake Is Equipped to Detect OUR OWN Vulnerabilities 

Airbrake is secured with Threat Stack cloud security monitoring and scanned with Netsparker vulnerability detection. We use Stripe to process payments, a certified PCI Level 1 Service provider. 

Use 2FA to protect your account